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glaciers melting in the dead of night

and the superstars sucked into the supermassive

Supermassive Black Hole ~ Chibi's writing journal
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oh baby don't you know i suffer?
Hello there! Seems like you've stumbled upon The Supermassive Black Hole, chibichan's writing journal. This place serves as an archive for all her fics. Most of them will be in English, although there might be a few Italian fics here and there. Feel free to comment to any of her fics, may them be new or old, and friend this journal if you're interested in reading future fics. Have a nice stay~! :D
glaciers melting in the dead of night
So, what kind of fics will you find here, exactly? Well, Chibi enjoys writing for any fandom that catches her attention. You can check the community's interests below for a quick list of fandoms/pairings, or you can check Chibi's personal journal for more info. She might even write fanfictions for new series in the future; it all depends on the girl, really.

Warning!: Sometimes these fics might have some content that you might not like, such as shounen-ai/yaoi/BL/boyxboy love, or even slight incest in some cases. Please, beware of that. In those cases, the usual rule applies: don't like, don't read. Also, please understand that my English might not be always perfect (I am Italian, after all). You're free to point out any mistake you find, thank you.
and the superstars sucked into the supermassive
Here are other lovely writing journals! Please, do pay them a visit! :D If you're interested in becoming affiliates, then just PM me (writing journals only, please).

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you set my soul alight
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